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Phenomenon of Cloning and specificity of its usage
Zeremskaya Yu.A. 1, Yusubova Z.A. 1

1. Tomsk Polytechnic University


Cloning is studied by different branches of science. Medicine is interested in cloning because of its ability to transplant special tissues and organs, genetics – with the purpose of studying heredity and succession, sociology deals with moral and ethic aspects of the phenomenon. The paper is devoted to the study of cloning, its special features and usage in different spheres of social life. The article represents main types of cloning, specificity of vegetative and animal cloning and problems of its expansion. The paper also demonstrates the actual topic of nowadays studies connected with human cloning and its aftereffects for science and society. The article may be useful for a wide audience and for people, who are interested in studies of cloning and problems of its realization.

Keywords: human cloning, cloning, clone, cloning of plants, cloning of animals

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