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Ethical issues of engineering activity
Novikova V.S. 1, Kolentsionok I.A. 1

1. Tomsk Polytechnic University


This paper discusses peculiarities of modern engineering ethical duties. The practical part of the paper gives full description of related lexical items: responsibility, obligation and duty and shows differences between them in relation to engineering sphere. The research is based on two respected dictionaries: Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary and Thesaurus and English Oxford Dictionary. In this paper authors prove that professional engineers should always take seriously their responsibility. For the highest standards - honesty and integrity, safety and ethical behaviour, engineers should perform all the rules and obligations. It is necessary to mention that fundamental ethical standards for engineers are key elements of engineering field to clients, co-workers, employers and profession.

Ключевые слова: professional ethics, obligation, responsibility, modern engineer

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Novikova V.S., Kolentsionok I.A. Ethical issues of engineering activity // Journal of Economics and Social Sciences. – 2017. – № 10;
URL: (дата обращения: 04.04.2020).

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