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Analyzing the actions of the Administration of Novy Vasyugan rural settlement
Martynov I.A. 1, Tokmasheva D.D. 1

1. Tomsk Polytechnic University


The paper analyzes the actions of the Administration of Novy Vasyugan rural settlement. Novy Vasyugan is a village in Tomsk oblast and an administrative center of rural settlement. The Administration is a key element of a democratic society. Every citizen deals with an administration. Nowadays it is developing and legislative branch does not work in a perfect way as its financial and economic resources are limited. The paper describes the structure of rural administration: the duties of municipal bodies, its rights. The goals and results of Novy Vasyugan municipal programs are described: socio-economic growth plan, fire safety municipal target program, energy efficiency municipal target program and anti-extremism complex municipal program.

Keywords: structure, activity, development programs, rural settlement, municipal formation, administration, Village

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