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A study of the properties of an oil-based drilling fluid with using emulsifier EM-4
Yakimenko E.V. 2, Fenzel Andrey 1, Sukharev Maxim 1, Chernykh Tatyana 1

1. Tomsk Polytechnic University
2. TPU, Institute of Social and Humanitarian Technologies


The issue of maintaining the potential productivity of the well is one of the most urgent tasks of the oil and gas industry nowadays. Due to the development of deposits with complex deposits and low-permeability productive layers, the issues of increasing the flow rate of wells due to the qualitative opening of reservoirs were of fundamental importance. The drilling fluid with an oil base (OBM) does not adversely affect the properties of oil and gas collectors, also it has good lubricating properties, reducing the wear of drill bits and bits. This paper is devoted to comparing the properties of drilling muds prepared using the industrial emulsifier Cleave FM and the new synthesized emulsifier EM-4. Emulsifier EM-4 is a solution of N- (2-hydroxyethyl) amides of fatty acids in a mixture of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids.

Keywords: static shear stress, plastic viscosity, emulsifier, electrostability, oil-based drilling fluid

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