Journal of Economics and Social Sciences
Электронный научный журнал

Социологические науки
The modern pedagogical education in the context of socio-philosophical studies
Santotskaya K.E. 1, Lyba A.A. 2

1. Tomsk State Pedagogical University
2. Center for Innovation in EducationTomsk State Pedagogical University


At the present stage of the society development, education should become the central link of systemic changes in the sociocultural, economic and political life of society. Obviously, the qualitative characteristics of the education system must change and, first of all, its pedagogical characteristics. Analysis of social and philosophical studies of recent years on the problems of modern pedagogical education has made it possible to identify the number of essential characteristics that determine the quality of education in a postindustrial society: continuity, integrativity, standardization, democratization and regionalization of education. This article presents practical experience in organizing educational activities that meet the requirements of the time at the Tomsk State Pedagogical University.

Keywords: socio-philosophical studies;, qualitative education, Pedagogical education

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