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Burnout, alienation, sense in the context of consideration of professional health rights
Reznikova A.D. 1

1. Tomsk Polytechnic University


In today´s world, the problem of occupational health is one of the central and most discussed. Considering professional health, it is impossible not to mention the term "burnout". The issue of "burnout", in turn, leads us to a discussion of the concepts of "alienation" and "sense of meaning". Loss of meaning can be seen in a number of phenomena that arise in human life. Loss of meaning entails alienation. The term "alienation" begins its history even in the era of Antiquity. Modern and understanding of alienation leads its history from the works of Hegel and Marx. First of all, we are interested in the representation of the term Marx. He believes alienation in 4 forms: from the process of labor, from the product of labor, from other people, from the human in itself. We propose to get acquainted with the history of discussion of all the above-mentioned concepts by both philosophers and psychologists.

Keywords: Marx;, Frankl, sense-meaning, alienation, burnout

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