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Analysis and segmentation of market gadgets for a better night’s sleep
Sabirova D.T. 1, Sorokin I.I. 1

1. Tomsk Polytechnic University


The relevance of this article is that in the 21st century the sleep problem is becoming more and more serious. Requirements for professional qualities are constantly growing, thus, the level of stress is constantly increasing, the speed of life is developing and this unambiguously leads to sleep disturbance. Analyzing the market for sleep gadgets, it has been decided to select the three most popular applications for research: Runtastic Sleep Better, Sleep As Android, Sleep Cycle. Having analyzed the use of trackers for improving sleep quality, it has been found that 16% of respondents have tried sleep trackers and are ready to explore their sleep with other applications, 34% of respondents are going to try sleep trackers, 35% of respondents have doubts about these gadgets, and 15 % of respondents refuse to use gadgets. According to the application users, three main segments are identified: people who are not getting enough sleep, professional athletes and people building a career.

Keywords: market gadgets for sleep, Segmentation

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