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Филологические науки
Term Formation Processes and its main features in Chinese language (based on terminology of automotive industry)
Baranov M.V. 1, Kraevskaya I.O. 2

1. Tomsk Polytechnic University
2. Tomsk Polytechnic University


Current study is focused on term formation processes and its main features in Chinese language; the sphere of research is a terminological system of automotive industry. This paper concentrates on loanwords in technical terminology and ways of adoption foreign lexis from English as the source language into Chinese language. The complexity of adopting foreign terms roots in the belonging of Chinese language to the radical type of languages; it means that internal conditions of word building have a huge impact on the final form of the term. Factors that make it even more complex are the following: technical backwardness of China and underdeveloped term base of Chinese language. Current study presents a detailed componential analysis that shows the main ways of term formation in Chinese language.

Keywords: English language., Chinese language, term formation, term combination, term

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