Journal of Economics and Social Sciences

"A writer´s diary" of F.M. Dostoevsky in the Russian and German reception. On the problem definition
Lilenko I.Yu. 1, Litvintseva A.I. 2, Malikov A.V. 2, Prokopenko V.O. 2

1. Tomsk Politechnic University
2. Tomsk State University


The paper describes the specificity of Russian-German literary connections as a useful tool for studies of the culture transfer in the modern society. The main goal of the article is to describe the attitude to the publicist legacy of F.M. Dostoevsky in Germany in the framework of close ties between the Russian and the German cultures. The results of the study show the main trends of the Dostoevskys reception in general and the interest to A Writers Diary in particular. The article summarizes the translations of the Diary published by far and considers the early stage of Dostoevskys legacy reception.

Keywords: reception, publicism, A Writers Diary, Dostoevsky