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Formation of the regional forest cluster in the Tomsk region
Kalioujny B.B. 1

1. Tomsk Polytechnic University


The Russian Federation contains 25% of the world´s forest resources. This is about 82 billion cubic meters of reserves, and less than 1% is available. In the context of a market economy, Russia has to attract a large amount of investments for the transition of the timber industry to a more intensive development, including technical re-equipment and modernization of the production capacities for deep and rational wood processing, and creation of high value-added products. The paper describes the formation of a timber cluster in the timber industry in the Tomsk region and the economic interaction between its participants. The authors of the paper examine the role of organizations in the modernization of technological processes and in the transition to high-quality production

Keywords: Innovation, cluster, Tomsk region, forestry, silviculture

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