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Directions of myth research in video games
Knyazeva E.T. 1, Galanina E.V. 1

1. Tomsk Polytechnic University


This article is devoted to the identification of the main trends of myth research in video games. We have considered various approaches to defining the essence of myth. We suggest understanding myth as an inherent feature of the human consciousness that allows creating primary life meanings of an individual that are not questioned. There are two types of mythological reality construction that we distinguish here: mythmaking and mythodesign. We also suggest the following directions of myth research in video games: the study of mythodesign in video games; the analysis of archetypes usage, mythologems, mythological images, symbols and plots in video games; the study of mythological narrative construction features in video games; identification and analysis of mythological ideas shared by gaming communities and subcultures.

Keywords: Video game, game studies, myth, mythodesign, archetype, mythologem

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