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Crime and Punishment by F.M. Dostoevsky in Germany: The Role of Publishing Houses
Golovacheva E.A. 1

1. Department of Russian as Foreign Language, TPU, Department of Developing Online Courses, TPU


The paper describes an overview of all well-known translations of Dostoevsky´s novel Crime and Punishment (1866) in the German language published from 1882 to 1994. The introduction history of Crime and Punishment written by F. M. Dostoevsky to the German public is very complicated and related to political, cultural and publishing activities in Germany. In the article the author analyzes the role of publishing houses and first Complete Edition of Dostoevsky’s Works. Moreover, the results of these investigations explain the key tendencies of Dostoevsky’s popularity, and determine the main features of publishing activity in Germany. It should be noted that the translations done by S. Gaier are known as the most accurate and close ones in German-speaking word. Her translations of the great novels, especially Crime and Punishment by F. Dostoevsky (‘Amman’, 1994) received worldwide recognition.

Keywords: publishing houses;, literary translation, novel "Crime and Punishment", F.M. Dostoevsky

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