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Social image of the entrepreneur
Maksimova N.G. 1

1. Tomsk Polytechnic University


Currently the role of entrepreneurship has a special significance. The entrepreneur in the world is considered as “an engine” of a scientific and technological progress, a creator of spiritual and material benefits and the owner of special personal qualities. He/she is able to change the values of society and cultural traditions in addition to creating "new" ones. The new aspects of social function belonging to the entrepreneur can be observed. Entrepreneurship is a social and economic phenomenon that is necessary for the effective society development. Moreover, entrepreneurship education is a social order of the State. The purpose of training is not to turn everyone into entrepreneurs, but to help to understand entrepreneurial thinking, to see the world in different perspectives, to ensure the production of new knowledge. This paper formulates the concept of “entrepreneurial skills for a University student”.

Ключевые слова: entrepreneurship education;, social function, way of life, entrepreneurship

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Maksimova N.G. Social image of the entrepreneur // Journal of Economics and Social Sciences. – 2018. – № 13;
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