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Structural techniques of reducing vibration and noise of axial fans
Panfilov D.S. 1

1. Research and production center "Polyus"


With the development of industry and technology, the overall noise level in urban areas increases. It leads to an increase in human noise exposure in everyday life: at work, in transport, residential premises, etc. The impact of noise has a negative effect on human health. It causes increased fatigue, decreased performance and activity. To combat this negative impact, it is necessary to reduce the intensity of noise sources. The main sources of ventilation noise are fans. Since ventilation systems are an integral part of most structures, the reduction of fan noise is an important challenge in mitigation of domestic noise pollution. Ventilation noise control and measures to reduce the vibration and noise activity of fans were investigated in many research papers. This paper provides an overview of recommendations to reduce the noise from axial fans.

Ключевые слова: vibration;, axial fan, noise control, Noise

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Panfilov D.S. Structural techniques of reducing vibration and noise of axial fans // Journal of Economics and Social Sciences. – 2019. – № 14;
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