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Comparative studies on the application of 3D cadastre in Russia and other countries
Gatina N.V. 1, Kadetova T.A. 1

1. National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University


Land relations and land management have always been the most important issues both for individual citizens and for any state in the world. The article considers the use of 3D-cadastre in various countries. The comparative analysis of the literature concerning 3D cadastre showed that the countries are at different stages of 3D-Cadastre implementation. All countries, including Russia, regulate land use issues (and their solutions) through specially created state services. Some of these countries have operational 3D cadastral systems, others have still no interest in introducing a 3D cadastral system. The review showed that each state has its own cadastral system, which was formed and modernized throughout the history and is being transformed at the moment. It is noted that no country has completely developed the three-dimensional real estate cadastre. The article reveals that further research is necessary to draft national and international research proposals and form legislative amendments towards introduction of national 3D cadastral systems and concludes by presenting a possible way forward.

Ключевые слова: Real Estate;, Urban Areas, Land Management, 3D Cadastre, 3D Models

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Gatina N.V., Kadetova T.A. Comparative studies on the application of 3D cadastre in Russia and other countries // Journal of Economics and Social Sciences. – 2019. – № 14;
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