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3D printing of polymer matrix composites for space: A review and promises
Yurkina V.A. 1, Klimenov V.A. 1, Kornienko L.A. 2

1. Tomsk Polytechnic University
2. Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science


Today scientists try to present technologies that can help in solving social issues. Three-dimensional printing methods are currently manufactured products for all industries. This paper provides an overview of the creation of high-temperature polymer composite materials by three-dimensional printing technology for space applications. Additive technologies make it possible to find a balance between the required physical and mechanical properties and at the same time to ease construction, which can significantly reduce the cost of manufacturing products in comparison with traditional materials and methods of processing. To increase the physicomechanical properties and operating temperature of high-temperature plastics, composite materials are created with the addition of dispersed and fibrous fillers. The most common fillers are carbon and fiberglass.

Ключевые слова: space;, composite material, additive manufacturing, 3D printing

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Yurkina V.A., Klimenov V.A., Kornienko L.A. 3D printing of polymer matrix composites for space: A review and promises // Journal of Economics and Social Sciences. – 2019. – № 15;
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