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Perspectives of Zirconium Carbide in the Modern World
Zmanovskiy P.A. 1

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Nowadays scientists try to not only improve the process of quality, but also reduce cost and substitute foreign materials for domestically-produced ones. In this paper, an analysis of the state of zirconium carbide was carried out and information on its production was systematized. Carbothermic synthesis is the basis for the synthesis of zirconium carbide. Self-propagating high-temperature synthesis is not used widely, but it can be claimed for multifunctional nanostructured films containing zirconium carbide. Nanocrystalline zirconium carbide is obtained by using mechanosynthesis, but in small quantities. Due to its characteristics, plasmosynthesis should be considered as the most promising of the known methods for producing zirconium carbide in the nanostate. An analysis of world production of zirconium carbide suggested that the nanocrystalline market segment is fully provided by foreign suppliers is also carried out.

Ключевые слова: mechanosynthesis;, carbothermic synthesis, ZrC, zirconium carbide, nanotubes, production, Plasmosynthesis

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Zmanovskiy P.A. Perspectives of Zirconium Carbide in the Modern World // Journal of Economics and Social Sciences. – 2019. – № 15;
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