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Structural and typological analysis of special lexical units in the sphere of information technologies in English
Zyablova N.N. 1, Ismagilov R.R. 1, Petrova S.D. 1

1. Tomsk Polytechnic University


This article represents structural and typological analyses of special lexical units in the sphere of information technologies in English. 68 lexical units were classified into three groups due to typological analysis: abbreviations, monosyllabic terms, terminological units. According to the structural analysis, they were divided into such groups as multicomponent combinations, one-component models, two-component models. In addition, lexical units were categorized by subject areas: general, software engineering, graph theory, algorithm theory, mathematical statistics, data science, virtual reality, IT management and computer networks. Judging by results of typological analysis, terminological units are the most frequent type of lexical units. The most popular structure is two-component model. Finally, Computer Network and Data Science turned out to include more terminological units than any other subject area of information technology.

Keywords: information technology;, structural analysis, typological analysis

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