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Mode selection of deuterium flux supply through palladium-silver filter in experiments with Pb15.7Li eutectic at reactor irradiation
Tulubaev E.Yu. 1

1. Branch Institute of Atomic Energy, NNC RK,


The paper presents preliminary results of experiments on permeability of deuterium through a palladium-silver filter. The description of the experimental setup and palladium-silver filter is presented. In this paper, the results of diffusion coefficients calculations, solubility, permeability of deuterium through a palladium-silver filter, activation energies of these processes and Arrhenius dependence are presented. Based on the calculations the modes supply of deuterium flux into ampoule device for experiments with Pb-15.7Li eutectic is determined.

Keywords: palladium-silver filter;, permeability, solubility, diffusion, deuterium flux, Pb15.7Li eutectic

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