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Novel method for fracture propagation analysis after multistage refracturing on horizontal wells
Nabokin I.R. 1

1. JSC "RN-Nyaganneftegaz"


The problem of the refracturing treatment efficiency in relation to fracture propagation direction is considered in the study. Novel method for fracture propagation direction analysis is introduced. It is proved in the article that the stress field alteration due to pore pressure perturbation (production) can be described by temperature changes (heat flow) of solid body. Therefore, simulation study consists of simulation of fracture initiation and propagation (mechanical effect) in structural package, which add compression to the in-situ stress field, then production of fluid is simulated by means of heat flow in thermal package and finally stress field changes due to mechanical and thermoelastic effects are assessed in structural package.

Keywords: stress field perturbation;, multistage refracturing, fracture propagation analysis

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