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Use of stabilized pressure curves in horizontal wells to evaluate the informative value determination of fluid flow parameters at production facilities.
Khagay D.E. 1

1. Altair


The relevance of the research is caused by the fact that the main sources of information on filtration parameters of the remote zone of the formation are well tests at unsteady regimes with the recording of pressure or level recovery curves pressure recovery curve. To determine the reliable parameters of the formation zone remote from the well, the duration of recording of the pres* sure recovery curve should be long enough, which leads to losses in oil production. To determine the filtration cha* racteristics of the formation, as well as reduce losses during hydrodynamic studies, it is possible to use the method of studying wells without stopping them – the method of stabilizing the pressure. Need to identify the filtration flow regimes for operational determination of the hydrodynamic parameters of oil reservoirs during horizontal well tests by bottomhole pressure buildup curves. However, now, the issue of analyzing and interpreting the results of measurements with the recording the pressure stabilization curves, which, like the pressure recovery curve, can give the required infor* mation about the formation, remains poorly understood

Keywords: horizontal wells, production analysis, stabilization curve, Well test, pressure transient test, pressure buildup curve, oil reservoirs;

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