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Modern problems of urban environment
Sinyaeva M.A. 1

1. Polly-Villy


The article provides the information about contemporary problems of urban environment in the context of philosophical and social issues. With the advancement in technological progress, scholars seek answers to the most relevant issues related to the urban development. Current paper is focused on discussion about development of cities and major problems of their inhabitants – city dwellers. By provision of comprehensive description of a city as an alive organism with inner built system, current article describes all major disadvantages in that system, bringing out issues related to socialization of individual in a geographically remote area, alienation of the individual from the natural and social life and etc. In the field of urban studies many contradictory opinions exist and, due to its popularity, it only attracts more attention from the side of professionals.

Ключевые слова: contradictions, urban environment, urbanism

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Sinyaeva M.A. 1 Modern problems of urban environment // Journal of Economics and Social Sciences. – 2017. – № 9;
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