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Правила для авторов


To publish the paper the author should register “Member area” and submit the paper following the instructions.


Registration form for non-Russian speaking participants

Code of ethics for authors

Papers are published in English and German.

The following document is to be submitted to the Editorial Board:

• scanned review by the specialist in this field of science, signed and sealed, including reviewer’s degree indication

This document should be emailed to

The text of the paper may have the following parts:

• Introduction
• Materials and methods
• Results
• Discussion
• Conclusion
• Acknowledgments
• References

Structure of the paper:
The title of the publication
• Complete author’s surname and name
• Position, full name of the Institute/department, full name of the University
• Abstract in English/German (100-150 words)
• Keywords in English/German
• Text of the scientific paper (it should include titles, such as Introduction, Discussion/Methods of investigation/…, Conclusion, Acknowledgements)
• References

The Instructions to the Preparation of the Publication text.

The text is typed in a .doc format in text editor of Microsoft Word.

Page Setup: top and right, left margins – 2.0 cm; paper size – А4.

Text style: character size - 11 (Times New Roman), but the line “title” – 14 (Times New Roman); line “position, full name of the Institute/department, full name of the University” – 8 (Times New Roman), the lines “key words” and “abstract”- 9 (Times New Roman); line feed - single space; indent - 0,42 cm; alignment - justified; titles - centered.

Minimal size of a publication should preferably be more than 2 printed sheets of a A4 format.

The publication of papers in the journal is free of charge.

Download the template

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