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The fight with hydrate formation during the operation of wells at the Tagulsky field
Fedyushkin K.G. 1, Karapuzov I.A. 2

1. JSC Tomskneft ENC
2. LLC RN-Vankor


At the moment, during the operation of wells in a mechanized way at the Tagulskoye field, there are formation´s problems of hydrates, solid deposits that block the passage. Hydrate deposits form in the Christmas tree check valve, blocking the annulus gas passage. In the case of a closed annular space, the gas flowing through the annular space accumulates and squeezes out the dynamic level before accepting the installation of an electric centrifugal pump (ECP), which in turn leads to the ingress of gas into the ECP, disruption of the supply and shutdown of the pump. In turn, this leads to a possible failure of the installation, because due to a possible shutdown, the pump can jam and no longer start, which in turn will lead to additional costs for well servicing and workover. (WSW) and a decrease in current oil production. The fight against hydrate formation in the check valve of the Christmas tree is carried out using heating cables, valve induction heaters (IVH), as well as injection of a hydrate formation inhibitor - Dehydrate 4010.The methods were adobted as the situation with hydrate formation became more complicated, that is, at the initial stage of well operation, to avoid complications, there was enough heating cable used in the upper well piping to increase the temperature of the pipeline and prevent water freezing in the metering branch, while the well was not being measured. But as the water cut of the well production increased, it was necessary to install the VIH, and soon install the dehydrate-4010 inhibition units. As you can see, to reduce the equipment located on the Christmas tree, it is necessary to come up with another way to avoid the formation of hydrates.

Ключевые слова: temperature fields;, induction heating, collection and transportation, complications in oil and gas condensate production, Hydrate formation

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Fedyushkin K.G. 1, Karapuzov I.A. 2 The fight with hydrate formation during the operation of wells at the Tagulsky field // Journal of Economics and Social Sciences. – 2021. – № 17;
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